Liz Nechio

Liz Nechio

Event & Meeting Manager

As the Event & Meeting Manager at Gifted Travel Network, Liz orchestrates and oversees a diverse array of events, including the annual Symposiums, Conferences, and bi-yearly Mastermind gatherings. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating memorable experiences, Liz meticulously manages costs, budgets, and negotiations for hotel accommodations, audio-visual equipment, and food and beverage services. Her dedication to excellence extends to resolving inquiries for members and partners, ensuring the seamless execution of each event. With a career rooted in event planning, Liz has always had a focus on the travel and tourism industry. Her expertise in event management, coupled with her commitment to innovation, has been instrumental in the success of GTN's event initiatives. Since joining GTN in 2022, Liz has made significant strides in enhancing event communication by introducing an app for advisors and partners. This innovative tool has proven to be a valuable asset, streamlining communication and enhancing the overall event experience.

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