Top Producers Club

The Top Producers Club (TPC) is the highest level of achievement at Gifted Travel Network. Our 2023 Top Producers Club roster consists of 40 advisors, all of whom had over $1 million in sales in the past 12 months.

Exclusive membership awarded to the top selling advisors

What's included

  • Two-day in-person Mastermind Meeting

  • Strategy session with two Executive Team members

  • Virtual Monthly Mastermind Sessions

  • Priority consideration for special opportunities with preferred partners & industry events

  • Access to all Accelerate benefits and Travel MBA curriculum

With every Travel Business University program, you'll have access to all the hosting benefits of Gifted Travel Network.

Travel Business Univeristy

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Travel MBA

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The open enrollment program exclusively tailored for experienced travel advisors.

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Gifted Travel Network does a great job recognizing people at all stages of development - at this point I'm in the Top Producers group and feel like they are supporting me at this stage of my business and growth opportunities going forward. There are in person meetings available for different groups - whether new agents in the Travel MBA program or Top Producers through a mastermind retreat. This gives people a great opportunity to really build deep interpersonal relationships and get help where you have weaknesses (and share your expertise to help others!)

Heather Parker

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