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At Gifted Travel Network, we recognize your entrepreneurial drive and celebrate your wins. There's a reason why our industry colleagues say there's something different about Gifted Travel Network advisors. The difference is our dedicated, engaged, and passionate community.

All The Support You Need

As a Gifted Travel Network advisor, your access includes:

Preferred Partner Portfolio

Our preferred partner portfolio is carefully curated to provide the utmost level of support to our luxury travel advisors. We believe the key to a successful partnership starts with a genuine connection. Through these connections, we have established exclusive relationships with the industry's finest luxury travel companies across the globe.

Our partners are an important part of the Gifted Travel Network community.





Hotel Elite Programs

It is essential for a luxury-focused travel advisor to belong to a host agency that has access to the best hotel elite programs. At Gifted Travel Network, we help you sell luxury travel. Our exclusive hotel elite program memberships give your clients access to upgrades and amenities they cannot get elsewhere, providing incredible value and service.

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Get Started: Know Your Numbers

Experienced advisors*: Elevate your travel business by joining Gifted Travel Network.
We offer three commission split options ranging from 80% to 100%.

Option A
Option B
Option C

* To be eligible to choose from these commission options, you must have annual sales of $200,000 per year. For advisors with sales below this threshold, we welcome you to our Travel MBA program.

400+ GTN Advisors
30 States Represented
80 Exclusive Partners
37,085 Trips Booked

Frequently Asked Questions

When are commissions paid out?

Commissions are paid via direct deposit twice a month if both of these have occurred:
1. We have received the commission payment from the vendor.  
2. The first day of travel has occurred.

Does Gifted Travel Network assist in providing leads?

No, we are not a consumer-facing company. However, as a Gifted Travel Network advisor, you will have a Virtuoso profile that is opted into their lead generation.

How do I qualify for my CLIA/IATAN card?

Advisors are required to earn a minimum of $5,000 in paid commissions in 12 months to qualify for either a CLIA or IATAN card.

Do I need a seller of travel license for certain states?

Yes, and we can provide guidance on how this applies to you. Gifted Travel Network is registered in California, Florida, and Washington.
You may qualify for exemptions under our licenses. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate licenses.

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