Travel MBA

The travel agent training program that covers all the bases and then some.

The premier professional development program for building, branding, launching, and scaling your luxury travel business. With the Travel MBA program, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and support you need to build a successful and sustainable business for long-term entrepreneurial success.


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Travel MBA is for you if...

You are looking to transition from a previous career into what we genuinely believe is the best industry in the world.

You’re looking at this as an opportunity for a full time travel business (not just a side hustle). Yes, there’s full-time money in selling luxury travel.

You’re a luxury travel connoisseur already because what’s more iconic than booking a 5-star property while staying at a 5-star property?

You have some previous experience as a travel advisor, but you want to transition to selling luxury travel.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place! Scroll down for more!

What can you expect from
Travel MBA?


Comprehensive Curriculum

Access to learning modules that cover all aspects of building your luxury travel business, from marketing and branding to finance and operations. You name it, we have a module for you to review!



A three-day in-person orientation you will attend on your program start date. During these few days, you have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your fellow cohort members, the GTN staff, and Travel MBA mentors.


Cohort- Based Learning

You are placed into a cohort upon enrollment. This fosters group learning with like-minded entrepreneurs who are all working toward the same goal -building a successful luxury travel business. We offer 4 cohorts per year.



With over 40 years of combined experience our mentors are here for YOU. From providing guidance through your first booking to answering your questions every step of the way via weekly coaching calls and direct email access.


Collaborative Community

At GTN we have created an incredibly collaborative community for our members that features an extensive amount of sharing of best practices. This is the kind of environment where members help one another and create strong friendships in a way that you just don’t see anywhere else.



The Travel MBA program includes hosting with Gifted Travel Network. All the benefits can’t fit in this tiny little paragraph, so go here to learn more.

Meet Our Mentors

Our team of highly qualified mentors are dedicated to supporting you. Our mentors all have experience as travel business owners and have the industry knowledge to help you grow in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Kristin Matthews
Director of Professional Development
Kristin's love for travel dates back decades, but it wasn't until 2017, when she was planning a family trip to China that she realized how
helpful having a travel advisor would be in the process. In that moment, a lightbulb went off, and she knew that helping others in this capacity was her calling. Kristin has been in the travel industry for six years. She previously owned and operated her own travel business before becoming the Director of Professional Development at GTN. Having personally undergone the Travel MBA program, she understands how important it is to have guidance throughout the process of establishing and building a travel business while mastering the intricacies of booking travel.
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Amy Kaufman Relihan
Lead Travel MBA Mentor
smiling woman with glasses
Carol McKee
Travel Tech Mentor
smiling woman with short hair
Celeste Auger Munshi
Travel MBA Mentor
a smiling white woman holding a coffee cup
Cathy Rowland
Travel MBA Mentor
a smiling woman
Rosann Coyle
Travel MBA Mentor

The Ultimate Goal

Start, launch, and accelerate your travel business in 12 months or less.
We’re here to support you on every facet of the journey toward sustainable growth and help you cultivate a business that leads to freedom, fulfillment, and financial satisfaction.

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A Breakdown of Your First Year

Our belief is a minimum of 20 hours a week should be the goal- more is always better! This is based off best practices of our successful Travel MBA graduates. Below is an estimated breakdown of your time spent learning and working on your luxury travel business.

Student Success Stories

“Every Travel MBA mentor is an experienced travel business owner with many years of experience, and I cant say enough about my fellow GTN’ers who are always generous with their knowledge."
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Eysa Portugues

The Splendid Life Travel Designs

“It’s been such a joy to be part of Gifted Travel Network and the Travel MBA Program. I’m grateful to constantly learn from the GTN team, my March TMBA cohort, and my fellow advisors. We are all better at serving our clients and each other by working together.”
woman with brown hair smiling

Merry-Jennifer Markham

MMarkham Travel

“Fast Forward to December 2021, I am in GTN’s Top Producers Club (top 30) in my first full year of business! I am invited to the Virtuoso ultra luxe community, attended Belmond’s signature Bellini event for 10 USA advisors in Sicily and was able to attend the Top ProducersRetreat with GTN. Without education this would not have unfolded this way and certainly not this quickly.”
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Stuart Marra

The Opulent Explorer


Please email us if you have any further comments or questions.

Is this program for experienced advisors?

Yes, this program is for experienced advisors with less than $200,000 in sales. The Travel MBA program qualifications are based on sales, rather than years of experience. If you have over $200,000 in preferred partner sales in a 12-month period, thanks for making it this far, but you actually may be eligible to join Gifted Travel Network’s Accelerate program! Apply Now

Can I be in the Travel MBA program while having a full time job?

Yes! Many Travel MBA-ers have full time jobs. The ultimate goal for many, is to eventually transition full–time to their travel business. We suggest a minimum of 20 hours dedicated to your travel business per week. We offer a weekly evening coaching calls, and while we suggest that milestones be met at certain intervals, all curriculum is self paced and we will meet you where you're at.

What is your commission structure?

During Travel MBA the commission is 70/30 with hosting fees included in your tuition. After the first year, the commission options range from 80% to 100% based on qualifications.