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Why Sell Luxury Travel?

Ultimately selling luxury travel is the key to having and developing a business and life that you love around your passion for travel. So what doesMeredith mean by that? A business that offers three very important elements to it:

 Freedom, Fulfillment and Financial Satisfaction

 Selling Luxury Travel: Facing the Odds

Truly the odds are stacked against you. In entrepreneurship as a whole, the rate for most entrepreneurial endeavors and ventures succeeding in the first 10 years is 10%. Which means 90% of entrepreneurial businesses fail in the first 10 years. Of these businesses, only 30% are really making an actual profit.

 So why are the odds so stacked against you, even when you have the formula to succeed?

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Well, that’s because the checklist, the formula, the “what to do” is really only the tip of the iceberg. Lying below the surface are many things, but most importantly, a mindset and really what is stored in your subconscious mind.

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The conscious mind is really what is taking in the formula, but it’s the subconscious mind that is responsible for the action you take once you know and understand the formula. And that is what is going to get in your way. When you begin this journey of selling travel, you will bring on with you all of the doubts, fears, and stories that you have accumulated over your lifetime. Everyone has different experiences that cause this, but I can promise you there are a few common denominators amongst this, for example:

Example 1: I don’t have a network of luxury travelers at my disposal. How am I going to sell luxury when I don’t have access to those potential luxury clients that would ever pay for this?

Well, this is just a doubt coming from your subconscious mind. If you have this doubt stored in your subconscious, this is going to stop you right in your tracks.

Example 2: I am sitting in this great job, with a great benefits package, and a stable paycheck why would I “risk it all” just because I think I will be happier, what if I'm not successful?

The promise of selling luxury is worth its weight in gold.

Think Outside The Box:  

The solution is to “think outside the box.”

So, you have your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.The subconscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg, it makes up most of your mind, and what is stored is the doubts and fears, limiting beliefs. When you start to take action on all of these recommendations, and take action, when you start to take action, you're stuck inside the box with those doubts and fears.

So, it's learning how to think outside of that box so it's not holding you back. The way to do that is to develop emotional fitness.

What is Emotional Fitness?

Learning how not to let your observation of “what is” dictate how you feel or act. This is something that takes time, commitment, and deliberate focus.

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1. The principals – This is very similar to physical fitness. You can’t just go to the gym once and expect to be in the best shape possible. You need proper nutrition, water, sleep, and the exercises themselves.

2. The practices – Every unwanted experience is an opportunity to develop emotional fitness. Anything that happens to you, whether good or bad, is a good gift because even in the bad, it gives you an opportunity it gives you an opportunity to be better.

3. A supportive community – This is incredibly important. Remember, you cannot stretch yourself nearly as far as others can.

What does it take to crush the odds?
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So what does it take to crush the odds stacked up against you? Well, you need the formula. First and foremost you need to have a guideline or checklist to follow. You then must have emotional fitness to overcome those doubts, fears and those limiting believes that will stop you dead in your tracks. Lastly, you need a foundation. This foundation is a support system or community of support, and a host agency. Particularly if you are looking to sell luxury travel, you need a host agency that specializes in luxury travel.

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