So you’re saying we should breakup…

It sounds much worse than it actually is. We’ve all been there, faced with the reality that it is time to make a decision, breakup, move on and focus on bettering ourselves and the future ahead of us.

When it comes to your travel business, how do you really know when the time is right to breakup with your host agency? In most cases, you hear advisors say something like “it was just the right time, I knew it was coming and there were so many instances that lead up to this point.” There are many factors that come into play when making this decision, and it is important to recognize what exactly those factors are, so you can take action.

Here are a few questions to consider:

Are you getting the support and resources you need?

This is the most important question you must ask yourself, because you truly cannot do it all alone.

I've always felt it's super important to feel well-supported and valued by my host, and when I no longer feel that is the case, I open the door to new opportunities.

You need a supportive host agency who is going to be there to answer your questions, provide resources for help and guide you in building a successful business. Your host should be recognizing your contributions, successes, and ensuring that you feel like a valued member of their community.

Is there a sense of community?

Travel agents who want to be successful and run their business instead of letting their business run them have a community of people they can lean on.

The best way to learn something you don’t know is by surrounding yourself with people who do know. This starts from the beginning. When you join a host agency and are just learning the in’s and out’s of the travel industry, you should have the opportunity to reach out in your community and ask other advisors for help and advice. As you grow overtime and reach a new level of business it is still equally as important that your community is best aligned with like-minded professionals that you can reach out to for advice or questions you may have.

Does your host agency have a well-established preferred partner program?

Are you joining a luxury agency to service your luxury contacts all over the world or are you joining an agency entirely focused on Disney, cruises, the Caribbean etc.?

Does your book of business directly correlate with your host agencies partner relationships? If your luxury clients are world travelers staying in the Four Seasons Hotels, why are you joining a host agency who does not have an established relationship with Four Seasons? A host agency with a well-established preferred partner program showcases their credibility in the industry. Relationships are the key to success!

Does your host agency provide more than just supplier training?

When you decide to become a travel agent, you first think about everything you need to know regarding the travel industry. You naturally start by learning more about suppliers, what they have to offer and how to effectively maximize your relationship with them.

I know travel, but I know nothing about being an entrepreneur.

However, only focusing on this knowledge won’t get you too far in your travel business. You need a host agency that will guide you in becoming a successful business owner by providing professional development programs, marketing and branding trainings, creating an official operational system and more.

So, ask yourself, is it time to breakup with my host agency?

Every breakup opens the door for a new relationship. For more information about Gifted Travel Network, please visit our programs page. In addition to accepting new to industry advisors, we also welcome experienced advisors who are looking for the right fit, to join us, apply now!