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Aug 29-31
OCT 24-26
Annual Travel Sales of $0 to $199,999

Travel MBA is designed for new-to-the-industry advisors. This professional, holistic, 12-month program guides you in building the foundation of your travel business. This Magellan Award-winning program fosters dynamic group-coaching conversations and collaboration with fellow business owners under the guidance of a team of highly experienced mentors.

our next cohort begins august 2023

Your Travel MBA program includes:

Three day in-person Jumpstart training on the program start date.

12 months of live group coaching calls.

Direct email access to the Travel MBA mentors

Access to a library of training modules

Vibrant and supportive community 

All the benefits of hosting with Gifted Travel Network.

Meet Your Mentors

Our team of highly qualified mentors are dedicated to supporting you. Our mentors all have experience as travel business owners and have the industry knowledge to help you grow in your entrepreneurial journey.

Kristin Matthews

Director of Professional Development

Kara Robinson

Accelerate Mentor

Amy Kaufman Relihan

Lead Travel MBA mentor

Carol McKee

Travel Tech Mentor

Celeste Auger Munshi

Travel MBA Mentor

Cathy Rowland

Travel MBA Mentor

Roseann Coyle

Travel MBA Mentor

Elevate your travel business by joining Gifted Travel Network:

We Support You as Your Business Grows

At Gifted Travel Network, we believe it is important to build a strong foundation for your business, starting with the Travel MBA program. Once that foundation is built, our members benefit from our Accelerate program, which is designed to elevate your business and prepare you to become a member of our Top Producers Club.

$200,000 annual sales or Travel MBA Completion

Accelerate is a premium level of membership that is designed to uplift your business by incorporating ongoing coaching, collaboration, and discussion of best practices. 

Our Top Producers Club is reserved for the top-producing advisors within the GTN membership. While this program offers VIP benefits, such as exclusive customer service, the true benefit of this program is the masterminding and collaboration of best practices among successful travel business owners.  This group is brought together monthly via video facilitated by GTN’s executive team and during in-person events throughout the year to brainstorm, collaborate, and further support one another.  

Kenia Collins

"If there's the perfect community to belong to, it's Gifted Travel Network! It's especially needed now, at this early stage when I don't always feel like I'm doing the right things or when I'm doing completely the opposite of everyone else. They provide educational, entrepreneurial, and emotional support as I continue to grow my brand and business."

// Culture pursuits
Merry Jennifer Markham

"I am new to Gifted Travel Network and am enrolled in their Travel MBA program. I switched to GTN from another host agency, and I am so grateful to have found this community. In the brief time I've been with them so far, I've already had more training and mentorship than with the prior host agency - and much more than I expected. I have felt supported every step of the way. I'm so grateful to have found Gifted Travel Network and their fantastic Travel MBA program."

// Travel MBA graduate
Justin Murphy

“Gifted Travel Network has been our HOME since inception. The extremely brilliant women that started this company truly are so inspiring. Gifted Travel Network and it’s advisors have truly built such an amazing sense of community and support system. Through this community and the amazing coaching provided we have been able to grow a thriving business even in the midst of these trying times. I can honestly say I don’t know where we would be without GTN.

// Vip travel experience