Jen Cochrane, co-founder and CEO of Gifted Travel Network (GTN), has been named one of Charlotte Business Journal's (CBJ) Most Admired CEOs for 2024. CBJ's Most Admired CEO Awards program recognizes established leaders in the Charlotte region who have demonstrated a strong vision for their companies and a commitment to the community. Jen's strategic acumen has been pivotal in steering GTN towards financial success, ensuring resilience even during the pandemic's challenges.

Moreover, beyond her corporate responsibilities, Jen is committed to enriching the Charlotte community. Her active involvement on the steering committee for the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce’s Leaders and Legends group and ongoing sponsorship of the Cain Center for the Arts, for example, showcases her dedication to making a positive impact beyond business boundaries. Through these endeavors, Jen exemplifies GTN's core values of leadership and community engagement. This commitment extends throughout GTN; employees are asked to suggest community initiatives and GTN selects a new one to collectively support several times per quarter.

At the heart of GTN lies a vibrant and cohesive work culture fostered from the top down. Jen's commitment to nurturing a team-centric environment has cultivated a workforce that is not only skilled but also deeply passionate about their roles. By prioritizing employee satisfaction and fostering open communication, Jen has created an atmosphere where every team member feels valued and supported.

Reflecting on her recognition, Jen humbly acknowledges the pivotal role played by her team in achieving this honor:

"I am truly honored by this recognition, and it stands as a testament to the remarkable team I am privileged to be a part of.”

This collaborative spirit resonates throughout GTN, where each member is driven by a shared commitment to the company's mission of empowering entrepreneurs to build thriving luxury travel businesses.

GTN's core mission is unwavering: to cultivate success through travel entrepreneurship. This mission is ingrained in every aspect of the company's operations, from its leadership down to each of its employees. Through GTN’s professional development programs like Travel MBA, entrepreneurs have access to the tools and support they need to succeed.

Jen's recognition as a Most Admired CEO underscores her exceptional leadership and dedication to GTN's mission. As we celebrate this achievement, let's also recognize the incredible team and community that stand behind her. Together, they embody the spirit of excellence and innovation that defines GTN's journey.  

Join us as we continue to empower entrepreneurs and change lives through travel. If you are interested in learning more about GTN, we encourage you to visit both our hosting and programs tabs on our website. If you are ready to apply, submit your application today!