Sandy Lipkowitz

We Make Travel Easy

I am honored to be on Conde Nast's Top Travel Specialists List for 2021, 2022 and  2023.

I kicked off my lifelong travel love affair with flair: A solo adventure that took me across the Atlantic for a jaunt through Europe. Well, perhaps it was more of a slow saunter—I stayed for two and a half months!

This took place in the early ‘70’s, which was an unusual time for a woman to be traveling solo abroad. Then again, I’ve always taken an unusual approach to my journeys, even after trips to 5 continents and over 70 countries. From five-star chateaux stays to rickety bus rides through rural countryside where my seat mates were chickens (yes, chickens), I’ve learned that extraordinary travel moments often happen when you least expect them!

You’ll have more of those extraordinary moments, though, if you know where to look—and if you have someone to lead the way.  

That’s why my main goal at We Make Travel Easy is to cultivate relationships. My team and I forge connections with top travel talent all over the world—from the general managers at luxury properties to travel suppliers that work with expert guides to unlock amazing access for you. Then, we listen to your needs and particular desires so we can match you up with the ideal travel partners, because that makes all the difference.

Many travel agencies can make the planning easy, but we strive to do something more: To show you a side of your destination you’d simply never be able to uncover on your own. Perfectly picked hotels, in-depth cultural exploration, stunning resort stays with private excursions—all of this unfolds through the power of relationships.

Our travel partners are handpicked, thoroughly vetted, and ready to show you the true wonders of your destination.

I’d love to introduce you. To get started planning your next custom journey, I invite you to get in touch. I can’t wait to show you how easy extraordinary travel can be.


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