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Hello there! I'm so glad you stopped by! I want to share a little bit about me and why I believe travel is a form of self-care.My journey into the travel industry stemmed from a heartfelt passion for orchestrating what I affectionately termed 'mom-cations' – precious moments dedicated to self-care and exploration. These mom-cations initially began as meticulously planned solo adventures across the globe or cherished weekends spent at my favorite local luxury hotels. They became my oasis for personal rejuvenation.During these moments away from the responsibilities of family life, I relish in solitude, immersing myself in activities that speak to my soul. Whether it's journaling my thoughts, finding solace in prayer, delving into captivating reads, indulging in restful sleep, savoring delectable meals, or pampering myself with soothing massages, these experiences form the cornerstone of restoring my inner balance. Within this sanctuary, the only agenda that matters is my own.This time dedicated solely to my well-being has been a personal indulgence and a revelation. It has allowed me to understand the transformative power of self-care through travel, inspiring me to extend this gift of rejuvenation to others through Rozlyn Paige Travel.

Life certainly presents a myriad of challenges, and my journey over the past four years is a testament to that. It's often said that we're never given more than we can handle, and considering my experiences, it seems I'm regarded as exceptionally resilient. I value openness and believe in sharing my journey, as my experiences can offer support and insight to others. Here's a brief overview of what I've faced:

- Enduring pregnancy loss

- Choosing to switch jobs

- Undergoing fertility treatments

- Welcoming my miracle child after a high-risk pregnancy

- Being diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure

- Spending my pregnancy on full bed rest

- Navigating the complexities of the Covid-19 pandemic

- Purchasing a home amidst these unprecedented times

- Raising a pre-teen in the midst of a pandemic

- Managing worsening Congestive Heart Failure, with heart function at 30%

- Balancing roles as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend, often with little time for myself

- The daily grind of 'existing' versus truly 'living'

You might be astonished by the openness of my story, but I share it proudly. I am a survivor, and my experiences empower me to support other women. Through these trials, I've come to understand the critical importance of self-care. This realization is at the heart of Rozlyn Paige Travel. My mission is to remind and educate women about the necessity of self-investment, particularly through travel. We cannot pour from an empty cup; replenishing ourselves is essential, and travel is a beautiful way to do so.


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