In the ever-evolving landscape of travel, there's a captivating trend that's been steadily gaining momentum: the allure of planning trips ahead. We reached out to our network of luxury travel advisors to uncover what types of trips they are booking for their clients well, far in advance, and why?

So let's get into it.

Cruising into Tomorrow: Setting Sail for 2025 and Beyond
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One resounding trend echoed through our advisors' responses: the prevalence of early cruise bookings. It seems that the love for the open seas knows no bounds, as almost every advisor mentioned working on their clients' cruise plans for 2025. From luxurious ocean voyages to tranquil river cruises, the anticipation is palpable. But it's not just about the ships; it's about the experiences they promise.

What Our Advisors Are Saying:
GTN Advisor Sharon Strelzer of Travel Made Special shared that she just received a request for a Mediterranean Cruise with Regent Cruise Lines for May of 2025! 

GTN Advisor Natalie Dale of Vacationista Travel & Co has a client booked for a world cruise in January 2025! 

Bucket List Adventures in the Making
Image courtesy of GTN's Membership Success Specialist, Heather Kuhlman during GTN's Hosted Experience in Africa

Adventure seekers, too, are looking beyond the present moment. The prospect of exploring uncharted territories, whether embarking on an expedition cruise, a mesmerizing safari, or a captivating African odyssey, has travelers planning ahead to satiate their wanderlust. It's a testament to the spirit of discovery that transcends time, propelling us into the unknown to experience the world in new and exhilarating ways.

What Our Advisors Are Saying:
GTN Advisor Jennifer Klaussen of Sundari Travel shared that she is working on a 2025 Antarctica booking, while GTN Advisor Martha Day of Opal & Finch is working on a Fall 2025 African Safari booking!

Guided Explorations: Navigating Group Travel
Image courtesy of GTN's Group Travel Symposium

Group travel, with its intricate logistics and varied preferences, requires careful planning. In addition, it is important to plan well in advance to accommodate diverse schedules and interests.

What Our Advisors Are Saying:
GTN Advisor Donna Silliman of Inspired Journeys Travel is currently working on four group trips for 2025 including Egypt, Australia & New Zealand, an AmaWaterways River Cruise, and a trip across the Canadian Rockies with Rocky Mountaineer.

Celebrating Life’s Milestones
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Travel extends beyond the destination—it’s about the emotions and memories that unfold along the way. For some clients, this could mean an intimate destination wedding overlooking the serene horizon, a vow renewal on a secluded beach, or the jubilant celebration of an anniversary marking years of love and partnership.  

What Our Advisors Are Saying:
GTN Advisor Mandy Pullin of DPP Travel shared that her furthest out request is a Vow renewal in Ireland. “My client really wants to make this trip special, so she’s starting to plan now.”

GTN Advisor Jolene Gordo of Inspired Compass Journeys shared: “I am working with a client on their Regent transatlantic sailing for 2025, this will be for a 92nd birthday celebration!”

The importance of a travel advisor's expertise in the planning process of these early bookings plays a pivotal role. Their insights not only offer guidance on ideal destinations and experiences but also ensure that the best accommodations and itineraries are secured. From handling complex logistics to recommending the best time to initiate the booking process, advisors provide the roadmap for turning dreams into well-executed realities.