Last month, Gifted Travel Network's CEO Jen Cochrane traveled to Dubai for the annual Virtuoso Symposium. During her stay, she had the opportunity to visit the first SIRO, (co-located with the One&Only) One Za’abeel in Dubai. So, we asked her to give us all the details and share her honest review of her stay and why advisors should consider SIRO for their clients.

So what exactly is SIRO?

SIRO is a new hotel concept brought to fruition by Kerzner International, whose other brands include Atlantis, One&Only, and Rare Finds. The SIRO concept is founded on the philosophy that people who lead active lifestyles and value wellness shouldn’t have to compromise when traveling. SIRO hotels focus on fitness, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindfulness, all supported by cutting-edge technology.

Who is SIRO for, and what do they offer?

For travelers who are truly passionate about fitness, whether they are professional athletes or novices, SIRO is an amazing option. The fitness facilities were the nicest I’ve ever seen with a full range of workout options. In the day and a half I was there, I was able to do two personal training sessions, which were on par with the personal training I’m accustomed to in the training facility I frequent at home. I was also able to participate in a 50-minute boxing/full-body conditioning class, designed by Olympic boxer Ramla Ali. There were 5 of us in the class, the trainer was great, and the workout assumed a fairly high fitness ability on the part of the participants, which was perfect for me.

SIRO also features a suite of recovery treatments in a luxury spa-type setting. I tried five: percussive therapy, compression therapy, the triple detox by MLX i3Dome (which is an infrared, plasma, and light therapy), assisted stretching, and a facial massage. All were delivered with a high level of service and expertise. They have cryotherapy and other treatments such as dry needling as well. And the locker rooms have a steam room, infrared saunas, and cold plunge pools.

I did not try any of the mindfulness activities, but there are several, as well as quiet places with massage chairs, and salt walls.

How was your stay experience?

The elevators for SIRO are accessed through the One &Only lobby, which is beautifully appointed and luxurious as one would expect from a One & Only property. The reception for SIRO itself is separate, and more reminiscent of the desk at an athletic center than a hotel, and very relaxed. So, it truly is a hotel co-located with a very different hotel. Though the atmosphere at SIRO is relaxed, the service is still very much five star.

The rooms are bright, modern, and functional. For example, the room had a pull up bar – an attractive looking one, but also a function alone. The mini bar had only truly healthy options such as ginger shots and fresh blueberries, and the in-room dining menu was also health and allows the guest to select not only their desired calories, but also the macros they are consuming. There are nutritionists on-site; though I didn’t meet with one.

I absolutely loved SIRO. As a person who works out wherever I go, having access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities along with five star service, is amazing. Travelers who prioritize wellness will be impressed with their holistic approach and cutting-edge recovery and mindfulness options. It’s not a good fit for those who equate five star with a fancier aesthetic.