Clients! I think we can all agree on one thing; you need them to have a successful travel business.

This is not the first article about marketing funnels, nor the last. So, let’s do a quick recap. Picture a funnel. At the top, there’s awareness. In the middle, consideration. At the bottom, conversion.

So what does this mean for your travel business?

Awareness – You may need to start by bringing attention to the value of working with a travel advisor in general. You’ll also want to bring awareness to your travel business, niche, and expertise.

‘Top of the funnel’ or Awareness marketing ideas include webinars, blogs, guides, videos, social media, trade shows, etc. Create a way for people to opt into your email list. The best way to capture emails is to offer them a free piece of content called a lead magnet.

Consideration – In this stage, you’ll want to continue nurturing the relationship you have with the prospect. Further, communicate the value of working with you as their travel advisor.

‘Middle of the funnel’ or Consideration marketing ideas include sending out a weekly email newsletter to your list, retargeting with Facebook ads, and social media, sending informational content, providing testimonials and reviews, etc.

Conversion – Prospects who make it to this stage in the marketing funnel are qualified leads and hot prospects. Ask for the sale!

‘Bottom of the funnel' or Conversion ideas include giving the prospect a limited-time offer. Open up a limited amount of consultation calls in your calendar or promote the deadline for an upcoming group trip. Invite your prospect for a free discovery call.

So, now it’s time to get to work on your marketing funnel!