Since we last introduced our Travel Business University (TBU) mentors in our Inside Scoop Series: Travel Advisor Start-Ups, Strategies & Success Stories our amazing TBU team has grown!

We are excited to announce that we have added two new mentors to our Travel MBA program. Travel MBA is designed for both new-to-the-industry advisors as well as experienced advisors with less than $200,000 in annual travel sales. This premier professional development program covers all aspects of building, branding, launching, and scaling your luxury travel business. Additionally, we have added two new mentors to our Accelerate program. Accelerate is an ongoing coaching program designed to support experienced advisors through the growth of their travel business through coaching, content, collaboration, and masterminding. With four new mentors in their respective professional development programs, we have also added a new lead mentor who is responsible for supporting all of TBU's professional development programs.

Meet The Mentors:

Amy Pearson-Jensen
Travel Business University Lead Mentor

When planning her own honeymoon in 2016, Amy was compelled to embrace her lifelong love of travel by enrolling in Gifted Travel Network’s Travel MBA program. Not long after, Amy launched her business, Smitten Honeymoons. While she adored so many aspects of running her travel business for nearly four years, above all, she is most proud of the relationships and rapport she built with her clients—a result of her passion for client success.

Amy brings with her to the travel industry extensive professional experience in communications and marketing, and she loves helping advisors strategize how to creatively strengthen relationships with new and existing clients. Her desire to mentor other travel advisors stems from her gratitude for the education and encouragement she received from so many brilliant mentors on her own entrepreneurial journey. She is honored to pay it forward, playing a small role in helping other advisors chase their biggest dreams.

Anna Harrison
Accelerate Mentor

Originally born and raised in Europe, Anna has lived and worked on five different continents. She has always had globally minded careers ranging from international development in West Africa to facilitating education workshops in South America. Working in the travel industry allows Anna to continue to be an ambassador for the importance of international & cultural exchanges and has the added benefit of allowing me to be my own boss and create my own business.

With 10 years of experience in the travel industry, Anna specializes in FIT (individualized proposals), particularly to Europe but also to exotic destinations. She is passionate about promoting off-the-beaten-track itineraries in both Portugal and Alaska and can talk your ear off about both of these very different destinations. She looks forward to helping new professionals reach their potential and gain confidence in their skills and themselves.

Heather Parker
Accelerate Mentor

After nearly 20 years of banking innovative companies, Heather realized she needed to make a career change. This time, she wanted a career that would combine what she loves most in her personal and professional life, and for her, it was travel.

With9 years of dedicated experience in the travel industry, Heather has achieved significant milestones that showcase her commitment and expertise. She has consistently ranked in the top 10 advisors at GTN for the past two years among over 300 travel advisors. Specializing in luxury leisure travel, Heather's expertise encompasses cherished destinations such as Western Europe and tropical paradises like Hawaii, Mexico, and numerous Caribbean islands. Heather values the opportunity to forge meaningful friendships within the travel business while contributing to the growth and success of aspiring professionals.


Deana King
Travel MBA Mentor

After30 years as a Supply Chain Executive, while also planning her family trips to South Africa, Deana realized the potential of this field as an enriching endeavor for her early retirement years. She concluded her last day working in corporate America in the Polaris lounge at Newark Airport before flying to South Africa. She has never looked back and has never been happier.

Leveraging three decades of corporate expertise, Deana seamlessly integrates her business acumen into her small business endeavors. Motivated by a profound passion for mentoring, Deana draws from her corporate leadership roles, particularly as a mentor for women within the organization. Her greatest fulfillment stems from empowering individuals to surpass their perceived limitations, mirroring the support she received from her mentors throughout her career.


Erica Davies
Travel MBA Mentor

Erica’s passion for travel traces back to childhood memories of crystal-clear waters in Bermuda, family road trips along the East Coast, and explorations via Royal Caribbean cruises. Despite a detour into corporate America spanning over two decades, Erica's unwavering love for travel persisted. In June 2022, driven by a longing for self-employment, she embarked on a new chapter by founding The Well Traveled Soul.

Her expertise shines brightest when she delves into Italy, a passion ignited by her home state, Rhode Island, and its rich Italian heritage. Erica's solid business background seamlessly integrates into her travel operations. Her motivation to mentor aspiring travel entrepreneurs stems from a desire to share valuable experiences and lessons. With a tech startup under her belt and a wealth of strategic business acumen, Erica aims to guide new travel advisors through the entrepreneurial journey, advocating for patience, adaptability, and the courage to embrace new challenges.

As our team grows, so does the collective wisdom and support available to every member of our community. If you are new to the industry and looking for a host agency to support you and your future travel business, or are an experienced advisor looking for a change, we invite you to submit an application today!