Last week, we hosted our annual Gifted Travel Network Top Producers Club (TPC) Mastermind Meeting at the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Austin, TX. This is a two-day meeting for the top-producing travel agency owners at GTN in total sales for 2023.

What exactly is a Mastermind Meeting?

A mastermind meeting is a gathering of individuals who come together to share their knowledge, insights, experiences, and ideas with the goal of collective growth and support. Typically, these meetings involve brainstorming sessions, sharing of best practices, and collaborative discussions to find solutions to various challenges members of the group are facing.

This Mastermind meeting is a unique opportunity for our TPC members to come together to work ON their business vs. IN their business.

As a result of their engagement in our TPC program, I have seen travel advisors move from that frenetic state to intentionally creating their business and life by design with more substantial work-life balance and boundaries to enhance the quality of their lives, said GTN Chief Executive Officer, Vanessa McGovern. I feel infinitely grateful to be able to watch these transformations unfold, and my role is to aggregate these transformations and share best practices among the group and the greater GTN network at large.

As a result, here are some of the key takeaways our advisors and staff shared from attending this meeting:

1.    Community over Competition

Embracing a "community over competition" mindset fosters an environment where individuals support and uplift each other, ultimately contributing to collective success. In the GTN community, this vibe is unmatched and everyone truly focuses on what they can give and contribute vs. what they can get.

“So many takeaways...but the biggest one is that this is truly a collaborative group like none other I've seen, and that’s pretty incredible," said GTN Advisor, Heather Sperring.

2.    Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration

The mindset of being a lifelong learner is crucial for entrepreneurs, and this was apparent among all those who traveled to Austin to glean insights from their peers. There's always a fresh topic, strategy, or opportunity waiting to be embraced.

“Even though it’s hard to get away for two days, as always, there is great value in spending time in a room with so many smart professionals. Eternally grateful for all the offers of collaboration and freely sharing best practices," said GTN Advisor, Robin Cline.

3.    Fostering Vulnerability and Authenticity

By creating a safe space for open dialogue and sharing struggles, TPC members were able to forge deeper connections and offer invaluable support to one another.

“Our members share their personal and professional struggles and receive incredible guidance and support from their peers that extend far beyond the meeting itself. Thank you to all the top-producing members who were honest and open at our meeting,” said McGovern.

4.    Unpacking Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a common experience that affects us all to varying degrees. At the start of our meetings, we delved into how this phenomenon manifests within our travel businesses. This exploration encouraged openness and led to meaningful conversations.

Moving forward, we're excited to see the ripple effects of these transformative experiences within our community and beyond. Together, we're shaping the future of the travel industry and empowering each other to thrive professionally and personally.