Mooresville, NC - February 1, 2024 - Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is proud to announce its 2024 Top Producers Club (TPC) while also unveiling a new designation within the network: Million Dollar Advisor (MDA).

GTN’s Top Producers Club is reserved for the top-producing agencies within the GTN membership. While this program offers benefits such as exclusive customer service, the true benefit of this program is that it is a mastermind program that fosters collaboration of best practices among successful travel business owners, coupled with business coaching from GTN’s executive management team.  

Inclusively, all members of TPC are invited to attend in-person mastermind meetings, and the top 10 producing advisors are invited to attend the TPC rewards trip in Spain, hosted by GTN Preferred Partner Made For Spain & Portugal.  

The average 2023 sales of this group were $2.43 Million. The average sales for the Top 10 agencies in 2023 were $4.17 Million.  

“It is such a privilege and an honor to support these fabulous GTN member agencies who are truly seeing phenomenal growth in their businesses," said GTN Chief Executive Officer, Jen Cochrane, "They differ in their areas of focus and in their business models; some are building large teams, and some are driven by an individual advisor. What they have in common is unbridled passion and professionalism. They are all impressive in their own way.”

Additionally, GTN is proud to unveil a new designation: Million Dollar Advisor (MDA). This recognition is to acknowledge and celebrate the GTN advisors who have surpassed $1 Million in 2023 sales.


About Gifted Travel Network
Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is a member of Virtuoso, the leading luxury network of premier travel advisors and preferred partners. GTN provides an elevated hosting experience for the luxury travel advisor. From their innovative approach to educating and supporting successful travel entrepreneurs, Gifted Travel Network has quickly grown to be a leading agency within Virtuoso and leads the way in attracting new-to-industry professionals to enter the industry.