The Condé Nast Travelers annual list of Top Travel Specialists is a highly coveted accolade that recognizes the best luxury travel advisors across the globe.

In this 2024 edition, 11 GTN advisors have been recognized as Top Travel Specialists. These advisors pull off the impossible and spare you the logistics by providing unparalleled luxury travel experiences through their extensive knowledge, passion for travel, and dedication to the travel industry.

GTN's presence on this list has been growing year after year. In 2023 nine GTN advisors received this honor. This year we are excited to share that this list includes members of our Top Producers Club, Travel Business University Mentors, and those recognized as GTN Million Dollar Advisors and Top Accelerators.

See the complete list of GTN advisors below:

Anna Harrison - Travel Observations

“When my clients reach out to me, they aren’t just getting a cookie-cutter itinerary of all the most popular sites. They receive curated and unique itineraries focused on their interests – with a generous splash of expertise and insider knowledge.”

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Casey Dye - Travel Theory

"We cater to travelers of all ages and backgrounds and are particularly valuable to busy professionals and families who want to get out and explore the world, but lack the time, resources or desire to research and plan."

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Elizabeth de Quillacq – Souvenir & Far

“In all destinations, I am very upfront and unbiased in my advice on when to splurge and where it is ok to skimp.”

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Heather Parker – Bliss Travel Experiences

“I love working with clients to craft a customized itinerary that will really make their trip unforgettable. I pride myself at going through and reconfirming every detail and working with specialists in-country who can step in if there are any issues.”

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John Rees – J5 Travel

“We often try to push our clients to the very edge of their comfort zone in order for them to connect with local cultures.”

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Julie Ann Hargett – H Luxury Travel

"We are a fee based service with high level customer service, lending us the ability to truly work for our clients versus working for our benefit. Our clients return year after year for the satisfaction they feel when booking with our team."

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Katy Chadwell – Chadwell Traveled

“I'm lucky that my business has grown organically through word of mouth and is 100% referral based!”

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Laney Sachs – Ortensia Blu Travel Adventures

“For seasoned clients that typically travel several times a year, they had a lot to make up for the past few years.”

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Sandy Lipkowitz – We Make Travel Easy

"Our clients feel safe, secure, confident and excited about their travels."

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Stephanie Goldberg- Glazer – Live Well, Travel Often

“We offer a full-service experience and do everything from air to insurance, in addition to all of the fun stuff that goes in-between. Our attention to detail in planning and communication is the backbone of our excellent relationships clients.”

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Stephanie Jetgen-Mack – Brava Adventures Ltd.

"I take their wish list, budget, and travel style combined with my personal and professional experience to create a memorable journey that leaves them satisfied and dreaming of the next one."

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