Gifted Travel Network is excited to announce the promotion and expansion of new roles and responsibilities to seven team members.

“We believe strongly in tapping into each team member’s individual skills, interests, and natural abilities,” said Gifted Travel Network Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Cochrane, “That means giving our staff opportunities to change roles and grow over time as well as continuing to build the team so that we can honor their work-life balance while we support our advisors. Our Network’s overall travel sales are up well over 400% year-to-date as compared to 2019.  At the same time, our team has just about doubled. That’s a lot of change in a short time frame. I am incredibly proud of our leadership team’s accomplishments and I’m confident in their ability to shepherd GTN into the future.”

To begin, Sandy Saburn has been promoted to Chief Membership Officer at GTN. Shannon Cunningham has been promoted to the Director of Membership and will report directly to Sandy. Sandy, Shannon as well as the rest of the membership team are responsible for the delivery of all GTN benefits.

Marketing and Partner Relations

Vanessa McGovern’s title has expanded from Chief Sales Officer to Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. Furthermore, Vanessa will now oversee the Marketing team and Partner Relations team. Caroline Hollar has been promoted to the Director of Marketing. Caroline and her team are responsible for all marketing initiatives. Erica Whitaker has been promoted to the Director of Partner Relations. Erica and her team are responsible for all GTN partner-related services. Caroline and Erica will both report directly to Vanessa.

Finance and Operations

Additionally, Shaneka Cooper has been promoted to Director of Finance. Shaneka and her team are responsible for all finance operations and commission payments. Hannah Reitz has been promoted to Director of Operations and is responsible for all policies, procedures, and employee support functions. Hannah and Shaneka will both directly report to Jennifer Cochrane.

Lastly, Jennifer Cochrane and Meredith Hill will continue in their roles of Chief Visionary Officer and Chief Executive Officer, respectively.

About Gifted Travel Network
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