There are many reasons to be thankful for working in the travel industry. These are our top 7 reasons to be thankful you work in travel:

1.  Innovation: There is always something new and cool going on in the travel industry! You never know what is going to come up next! Cruise lines always seem to be coming up with amazing ships with incredible features (go karts on a cruise ship!), and there is innovation within travel agencies too. It’s a lot different than it was 5 years ago. This isn’t your grandmother’s industry!

2. Options: No matter what type of travel a client is interested in, there is something out there for them. That includes options for single travelers, those with special dietary restrictions, and travelers with special needs too. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all industry.

3. Independence: Your travel business is yours! You get to mold it into whatever you want it to be. You can specialize in what you want, work with vendors you love, and make any group your target audience. You can come up with a niche that taps into your passion!

4. Portability: With today’s technology there is no reason to have your business tied only to your local area. So, if you have to move, your business moves with you without a hiccup. But even more importantly, you can travel as much as you want to and work from wherever you are!

5. Money: You can make a fantastic living working in travel – this doesn’t have to be a hobby. You can afford to go on great vacations yourself and send kids to college. Don’t buy into the myth that you can’t make money in travel. It’s simply not true.

6. Community: There are a lot of fantastic people in the travel business with more joining all the time. The industry is growing and bringing in new people with new ideas. I love that people are so willing to help one another and they see one another as colleagues and not competitors. That’s how an industry grows and thrives.

7. Memories: What’s better than knowing that you contributed to memories that people will carry with them forever? Kids grow up, people grow old, but memories from their travel experiences will stay with them and can be enjoyed over and over again. You made that happen.

Did we miss a reason you’re thankful for working in travel? Share it with us!