Susan Wilson

Hidden Gem Travel Consulting

My passion for making travel dreams come alive is evident in every single client experience.  

"I'm deeply grateful for happy clients like this one... Susan Wilson helps turn our travel dreams into reality! She’s created our plans to travel to Greece and to Portugal as well as a future trip to Egypt. From the moment we begin, Susan actively listens to the type of experience you wish and drafts ideas considering your budget. She gets to know what you like & don’t like. She partners with organizations in your destinations to give you ideas based on her or their firsthand experiences. Whether it’s your hotel, your tour, your local transportation, or a cultural site, you won’t be disappointed!

Bonus: you’ll get suggestions along the way. I love the travel app! Everything is in one easy location as you travel including advice on tipping, what to pack, where to eat, and what to prepare for each day. We also had a number to reach someone in case of questions or to address an issue. Susan is fantastic and has amazing relations with partners across the globe."


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