Patricia Castoro

Acacia & Lime Travel

Acacia & Lime is a luxury travel design agency that specializes in truly tailored itineraries including unforgettable travel experiences.

I firmly believe well-planned travel is always time well spent. And today, my focus is on helping travelers heed the urge to make time for travel with loved ones now. I founded my agency to help my clients make the most of their time on vacation—and, more importantly, the precious time we’re granted here on earth.

My clients are curious and experienced travelers, who have an appreciation for elevated service and luxury amenities. Instead of wasting their precious free time to plan travel, they prefer to rely on my professional expertise and global network of industry partners, to craft custom experiences.Travel is my passion and I'm never too far from my next adventure. In addition to exploring the globe, I have lived in Africa and The Middle East with my family. I love to design travel that explores hidden gems and provides my clients with first hand experience by engaging with locals. I believe this is most authentic way to experience new cultures, traditions, history, and let's not leave out food and wine!


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