Nancy Gany

Inspired Steps Luxury Travel

I'm Nancy and I help travelers take exceptional and memorable vacations. I bring my research skills, extensive project management wisdom and trusted relationships with travel partners to the design process so that you can experience a vacation that is soaked in history and immersed in other cultures; one that deeply connects you to your destination and is planned to perfection so it feels seamless and relaxing.I named my company Inspired Steps Luxury Travel because I want to inspire you to experience a thoughtfully planned trip that leaves you with special and vivid memories that will stay with you for years. Whether you want to travel as a couple, with friends, with your grown kids or want to take a vacation while visiting your college student studying abroad, I'll take your ideas, wants, logistics and travel tastes and turn them into a piece of art that is also a vacation. I look forward to inspiring you, journey by journey.


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