Mallory Tolbert

True North Travel

Mallory's depth of knowledge in travel and tourism is supported by her educational background, having earned a degree in the field. This academic foundation complements her extensive hands-on experience, enhancing her expertise in crafting exceptional travel experiences.

After five years of assisting clients with adventure travel at the top travel agency in the Twin Cities, was promoted to office manager and opened their second location in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Managing this luxury agency was her dream job and gave her the knowledge, experience, and eventually the confidence to start her own agency in 2018.

She founded True North Travel Co. to open her clients’ eyes to a different way of traveling. A way that’s not just about checking off the “must see” lists, or taking a whirlwind tour that leaves their heads spinning.

Her clients tend to share that sense of restlessness, that explorer spirit, and they yearn to make each moment count. Because investing in meaningful travel experiences yields extraordinary insights, pushing them outside their comfort zones in ways they didn’t think possible.

Mallory is passionate about planning culturally immersive, sustainable, and restorative journeys for her clients—because travel done right has a way of revealing truths not just about the amazing world around us, but truths about ourselves.

True North Travel Co. is committed to giving back to the communities visited during these journeys. Whether it's through supporting local businesses, engaging in community projects, or contributing to environmental conservation efforts, Mallory ensures that each trip leaves a positive impact on the destinations and the people who call them home. By fostering meaningful connections and sustainable practices, True North Travel Co. strives to leave a lasting legacy of responsible tourism wherever their adventures take them.

Her goal is to share the authentic essence of each country with her clients, much like a local would experience it. Mallory has explored many countries, some of her favorite destinations include Costa Rica, Spain, Belize and Zimbabwe. Alongside travel, she enjoys basketball, cooking, hiking, nature and wildlife photography, paddleboarding, documentaries, yoga and time spent on the shores of Lake Superior.


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