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The Family Traveler was created in 2000 with your family in mind. We understand that each and every family is unique and so are your travel needs. What works for one family is not always the best trip for another.The Family Traveler works with you to match your distinct travel needs. By exploring various options and looking at past vacations, we work together to find the best vacation for your family to enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

Our families are traveling around the corner and around the world. They come to us from all over the United States and enjoy all sorts of vacations including resort stays, cruises, national parks, safaris, adventure travel, customized independent travel, group tours, multi-generational travel, traveling with other families, grandparents traveling with grandchildren, and more. We love to assist with special celebrations (such as 50th anniversaries and post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips) and also with maximizing your frequent flyer and frequent stay programs.


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