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"I'm originally from Long Island, NY and left the country for the very first time  in 1991 when my high school organized an Easter weekend audience with the  Pope in Vatican City! As we toured Assisi, Florence, Venice and finally Rome,  I was struck by the beauty of other places and made it my mission to  experience as much of the world as possible. At the University of Notre Dame,  I spent my sophomore year in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria, exploring a lot of  Europe while I was there. (By train! Because in those days, flights were much  more expensive.)    

After college, I moved to Chicago and joined the financial services  industry. The world kept calling me though and I used all my vacation time to  visit places like London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Munich, Beijing, and Hong  Kong. After getting my MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of  Business, I moved to London where I lived for 11+ years. From my new base in  the UK, I branched out, visiting places like Jordan, Israel, Morocco, Oman,  Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. I also wrote one of London's most popular  restaurant blogs, (If you're a foodie, we should  definitely talk!) In 2018, I took 9 months off to travel the world, exploring  places like China, Bali, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Laos, and Egypt. As of this  writing, I've been to 78 countries.    

These days, I live in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. And while I still  enjoy planning my own trips, now my mission is to help others plan theirs. After  over 20 years in corporate America, I know what it's like to need a break but  have no idea where to start! Let me take that burden off you!! If you're  curious about the world and other people and cultures -- and food and wine!!  -- let's talk.


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