Jay Yokley

Left Bank Travel

I design travel experiences for discerning travelers who are explorers at heart and have a craving to see the world – travelers who want the best of the best, to get the inside scoop, and to find hospitality and community when they travel. 

After many years of traveling internationally for work and pleasure, as well as living abroad, I have cultivated quite a warehouse of information, connections, and knowledge – and enjoy using all of these to craft unique, amazing, and seamless itineraries.

A native Tennessean, I had opportunities to study abroad in France as an undergraduate and as a law student. After completing my undergraduate studies, I was awarded a traveling fellowship to support a year-long, self-designed program of study and travel abroad which enabled me to visit over twenty countries throughout Asia and Europe. For many years, I worked as a finance attorney for two international law firms, an international bank, and two major international airlines specializing in aircraft purchasing and finance. I have lived in Nashville, New York, Dallas, and Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale and currently live in Nashville, Tennessee. A passionate student of language, I speak French and some German and continue to study both. I love to travel off the beaten path or find a unique approach to a popular destination. I started Left Bank Travel to share my connections around the world, my experience gained from years of traveling and working in the airline industry, and my insider tips. When I am home, I am a college football and basketball fanatic.


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