Felicia Daniele

Villagro Travel Design

I’ve had some awe-inspiring adventures around the globe, weaving dreams with threads of highways and plane tickets, but it was a transformative journey through Spain that led me to create Villagro Travel Design.

As my partner and I traversed the bright streets of Barcelona and the white sand beaches of Ibiza, soaking up the food, nightlife, culture, and history, I remember feeling pure, uninterrupted joy. I could only describe the feeling as coming home, returning to the version of myself that approached the joys of life with childlike wonder. I strive to give all my clients that feeling, enabling them to rediscover the world with the same wonder and delight.

Helping you travel authentically—on effortless and indulgent journeys that allow you to reclaim joy, unwind, and deepen bonds with loved ones—that's Villagro Travel Design.


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