Diane Avalon

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"I started Piece of Cake Travels to make it a piece of cake for would-be travelers to welcome more fun—and more meaning—into their lives by saying “yes” to travel.Piece of Cake Travels' purpose is to fulfill the wanderlust of those who want to embark on their dream vacations. I love traveling and want others to experience all the benefits that traveling the world has to offer.Before joining the travel industry, I worked in special education for decades, working with students who have mental health issues. During that time, I was able to hone my creative thinking skills and attention to detail, develop organizational systems as well as learn to take an out-of-the-box approach to solving problems while designing personalized Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for my students. Today, I bring those skills to bear on in-depth itinerary designs tailored to my clients.My specialties are evolving but cruises make up the bulk of my business right now. I've done some FITs for Alaska land and Greece. I will work on any travel that would bring FUN and ease to my clients."


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