Deana King

King Travel Design

I traded in a long corporate executive career working alongside the most amazing teams for the best job ever: Designing bond-building travel experiences for clients eager to explore, together. Planning elaborate events and trips for the people I love to surround myself with—from friends and colleagues to my own family—helped me realize I have a knack for turning complicated logistics into a seamless (and laughter-filled!) travel experience.

Today, I help individuals, group leaders, families & friends host their own trips of a lifetime, with ease. Whether you yearn to build family bonds, bring good friends together, raise funds for your organization, strengthen ties with your club members, or grow your business, a bespoke itinerary tailored to your group’s interests is just the ticket—and we’ll design it all. Our services provide Planning, Perks and Peace of Mind so you can sit back and effortlessly enjoy your groups travel!

At King Travel Design, we bring people together for life’s best experiences. Tee off in paradise. Yacht around remote islands. Bake macarons in a Parisian patisserie class. Sip pinot noir on a vineyard tour. From luxury river & small ship cruises to spa & golf getaways, culinary journeys to chartered yacht tours and safaris, we can send your group off on an adventure uniquely aligned to your interests and needs.Immersive travel experiences have the unique ability to break down barriers and encourage engagement—across all ages, backgrounds, languages, and cultures. When you travel together, you know you’ve made a friend for life. We’re not just travel designers; we’re relationship builders, as we bring your favorite people together on travel experiences that forge connections, foster community, and leave you with memories that recall life’s best experiences for years to come.


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