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Hot air ballooning over the hills of Tuscany, sailing down the Yangtze River followed by a cherry blossom-filled journey to Japan, meeting geishas, sumo wrestlers, and a Hiroshima survivor, and hiking the Ecuadorian Amazon River Basin with a private guide followed by zip-lining across a gaping canyon are the immersive & historical experiences that my husband and I like to have when traveling. We didn't just see the sites but immersed ourselves in the history and made the destination part of our story. That’s the kind of travel experience I craft for my clients through Inspired Travel Designs.My custom itineraries immerse you in the authentic side of your destination. Thanks to my long career on the supplier side of the travel industry, I can connect you to the best properties, tour companies, and excursions that take you beyond what you thought was possible. Don’t just see the sights; journey to the world’s most special places—and do it all seamlessly without planning a thing yourself!That’s exactly what I can do as your personal travel advisor.


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