Brittani Robertson

B Luxe Escapes

I help busy couples take much needed vacations with AND without the kids, so they can rest, relax and reconnect. My clients are busy, time starved parents pulled in multiple directions who desperately want to take a break to a new destination each year, but don't have the time or wisdom to research and plan it. That's where I come in. I bring my exceptional organization and planning skills, my project management genius and my ability to tackle any challenge and combine that with my insider network of international travel connections to deliver family vacations that are fun, unique, relaxing and give my clients the break they so desire. My clients love that they don't have to lift a finger and instead get to sit back, relax while I pull together all the bits, pieces and moving parts to send them on a vacation chock full of indulgences, relaxation, new experiences and meaningful memories. My clients return so happy that I was able to make their vacation dreams come true and excited for the next adventure.


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