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I first fell in love with travel on a trip with my new husband to Italy. Yes, it was no surprise that the land of la dolce vita stole my heart (the castles, the vineyards, the gelato!). But one thing that did surprise me? How much I enjoyed meeting new people and making connections.Carlson Travel Co was founded to help couples and parents take the world-class vacations they’ve earned—the kind full of eye-opening, heart-warming connections at every turn.By working one-on-one with my clients, I develop thoughtful itineraries that foster connections: to the loved ones they travel with and the inspiring destinations they visit. My own insider connections with the best-of-the-best in the travel industry ensure your trip feels unique to your family.And, I do it all while taking all the time-consuming research, booking, and management off your hands—so you have time to do more of what you love before departure.I’m a mom to three boys, former elementary teacher, avid reader—and your key to your family’s next best vacation. I love working with busy parents because I am one myself, and I understand just how important a vacation is.


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