A long time ago, when I first became a travel agent, a question that ran through my head every single day was, “How do I attract millionaires and billionaires and get them as clients?” Why? I was tired of honeymoon budgets of $2K to $3K. You know the kind … beer budgets with champagne taste.Thank goodness for a sweet, very rich, 80-year-old widow who became my client. One of the first things she told me was that she wanted to spend her inheritance on traveling the world, in luxury. She was the perfect client. She trusted me. She let me do my job. She didn’t squabble on price. She traveled 3 to 4 times a year, usually on luxury cruises, in suites. And she entertained me with the best stories.She opened my eyes to what was possible in a client and how fun it could be to make great money selling travel while being of great service. She gave me the confidence to go after the super affluent. I knew that I had added value to her life and that I had the wisdom and heart to add value to the lives of other millionaires and billionaires through travel.So my appetite was whet. And my search began. Thus the question I woke up to morning after morning, “How do I attract millionaires and billionaires and get them as clients?” I will jump to the ending of this story. I DID attract millionaires and billionaires and get them as clients. And not just one or two. Many.That is why, the number 1 question I got when I began coaching travel agency owners was, “How did you attract millionaires and billionaires?” It’s funny to me how many people are looking for a formula. They are soooooooo willing to do whatever it takes. If I told them to jump off a bridge, they would, if it was one of the steps.Here’s the thing. The way to attract the super, duper affluent is exactly the same as attracting anyone or anything. The target doesn’t matter. I guess there is a formula. But it’s not an action oriented one. It’s an energy oriented one.I am about to tell you the secret to attracting whatever you want in life. Whether it’s brides and grooms of the uber rich who want to host the most fabulous week-long destinations weddings, or 80-year old heirs who want to spend 9 months of the year on luxury cruise ships, or families with an appetite to travel the world and expose their kids to the wonder and magic the world has to offer… you CAN attract them. You can have the clients you want. All you have to do is understand and practice this 1 simple philosophy:

“Neediness repels; Completeness attracts.”

It really is that simple. Attracting anything that you want in life starts with you. It doesn’t come from action outside of you. It comes from shifting your focus or perception from within.And this is exactly why in our Travel MBA Program, Gifted Travel Network’s 12-month program that teaches people how to become a travel agent and how to become a successful business owner at the same time – takes its students through the process of finding their brilliance, owning it and then creating their core compelling messages around it. Because we who wrote the content for the program know that when you identify your brilliance, own it, and put yourself out there knowing you have a brilliance and are here on this earth to share it with others, your marketing shifts from an energy of “getting” to an energy of “giving.” Identify your brilliance, owning it and building your business around it is exactly how you go from putting out the vibe of neediness (which repels, remember?) to putting out the vibe of completeness (which attracts).Think about when you go to the shopping mall and there is a sales person standing in front of one of those kiosks and as you walk by, she asks you if you want to try her fabulous hair straightener. Are you attracted to her or are you repelled? Most likely, you are repelled, right? That’s because she is coming from a neediness place. She needs to sell you her hair straightener. She needs to fill her sales quota. She needs to make money to feed herself and pay her rent.Be honest with yourself… do you have moments when you feel like you NEED to sell travel? When you feel that way, just know that you are not putting out a vibe of being of value. You are putting out a vibe that is likely to repel … or attract exactly the kind of client you DON’T want.So how do you take the journey from being needy to being complete? Identify your brilliance. Own it. And build your business around it. For more information on GiftedTravelNetwork’s Travel MBA Program, CLICK HERE.