I totally get it! Everyone has those dreams of knocking the socks off of their clients with amazing itineraries that include unique experiences they couldn’t get on their own. And that is certainly part of the value they get when they book with you. But, I want to ask you to think about your role in a slightly different way…Think of yourself as a travel “matchmaker”. Your job is to attract the ideal client, qualify them thoroughly so that you know exactly what is going to make their vacation a total success, and then reach out to the perfect preferred supplier who is able to make that happen for you. We have some totally AMAZING suppliers out there who have those important contacts and contracts in place to make your vision for your clients come to life – and it’s so much more effortless than you having to struggle to make a gazillion different reservations for hotel, condo, transfers, activities, airfare, train reservations, insurance, etc and pull them all into a cohesive itinerary.Let the preferred suppliers do the heavy lifting for you and then you can come along and sprinkle a little bit of your own special sauce over the itinerary, like that Michelin-starred Chef you know personally who will take your clients truffle hunting in Tuscany, or the local guide who can get your clients special access to the trendiest new fashion designer’s trunk show in Paris.Travel advisors who use preferred tour operators and onsite partners to plan their clients’ trips typically make more money as well…and you won’t be chasing commissions from every single service provider after the client has travelled.So, make life easier for yourself and better for your clients in 2019 by streamlining your reservation process…and remember to ask for suggestions if you are having trouble identifying the suppliers who best fit your needs for each inquiry. It really doesn’t have to be so hard!