Your business card is a very important (and relatively inexpensive) piece of your Marketing Foundational tools and you will want to always have a good supply on hand – both for handing out individually to prospects you meet and for placing on a table at a trade show or festival at which you are exhibiting. But, believe me, I’ve seen a wide range of cards – from fantastic to pitiful! In general, here is what a successful business card should contain:

  1. Your Business Name, tagline and Logo (all brand-congruent)
  2. Your name, title and contact info (a physical address is only necessary if you will be hosting clients at your office) Be sure your email address is professional – NO GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, etc. It should be in the format of: your first name@your business So, for example, my email was NOT! That looks like you are nothing more than a hobbyist.
  3. Whatever branding is required for Seller of Travel laws – Typically, you need something similar to “A member of the Gifted Travel Network” with the GTN logo. California Agents should list the GTN CA Seller of Travel number. This info can be in very small print and on the back of the business card…it just needs to be on there.
  4. A great Head Shot. I think it is very important to have your professionally-done head shot on your business card. You want to be recognizable and build that know, like & trust with your prospects and clients. Most people remember a face easier than a name.

Fill in any extra “real estate” with pull questions. You probably already have some great ones on your website homepage. Don’t let the back of your business card sit blank! It is very inexpensive to print both sides and give the prospect something more to think about. See the photos for the front & back of my old business cards from my selling-travel days as an example…