First, I'm going to tell you that if you haven't done so already, hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer! When looking for a professional, check out their work, their style of photography, and choose someone who's work you like and someone that you can trust their skills. Most likely, they are already going to know what poses and shots to take during your session for your marketing. 1. HeadshotThis is a must. Your website is where most of your clients are going to "meet you" for the first time. They want to see that you are a real person. You are trying to recreate the natural setting of a face-to-face interaction, so choose an image that represents you and how you would want to show up the first time you meet a client.Here are some great examples of welcoming and inviting headshots of GTN Agents (Amy Pearson-Jensen, Sandy Lipkowitz, and Gayle Smith):

2. Social Media ImagesHaving a variety of images of you is great to have on hand for your marketing pieces. You want photos that reinforce who you are and your brand. You want images that tell a story. You may include these on your website, or you may use these as a collection to tell a story on your social media, but it's always nice to have a handful of images to use when you feel the need to do so.These can be action shots or "posed" action shot. Would you meet your clients at a copy shop? Include a photo of yourself in a coffee shop. Do you sell romantic travel? Show off some pictures of you at a romantic destination. Do you sell family travel? Show your family. Be authentic. Really show your personality. Show interaction. Have fun with these images. Your website is what helps build your client's trust, so getting to see and know you through your images is so powerful.Do you have a trip planned soon? Coordinate your photo session while you are traveling. Flytogher is a vacation photography service that you can utilize while you are traveling, that provides professional photography on location. Use these photos to show off your own traveling.Here are some examples of our GTN Agents that have been successful in showing off their personality through photos and using some of their images for their social media and marketing (Lisa Fitzgerald, Ashley Metesh-McCoy, Shannon LeBlanc):

My biggest advice: Have fun with your session and use a professional photographer and/or professional equipment.