Vanessa McGovern was recently interviewed about what it's like to work in the travel industry by Emily Matras for Ploymint, a career site for millennials. Check out the excerpt below from Vanessa's interview!

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions about your field?
 That the travel agent died with the internet. That we’re extinct. It’s not true! It’s just that our business model has changed. The “travel expert” is thriving, because the public still has an insatiable desire for information about travel. As a travel expert, you can have an awesome business while living the “laptop lifestyle.” Unfortunately, many travel agents are still trying to operate the same way they did before the internet.
So what is the right business model?
 The “Expert” business model — not the “order taking” business model. Twenty years ago, travel agents controlled distribution; you had to go to a travel agency just to get airline tickets! But today, consumers have access to the same information and many of the same booking tools as agents. So the new question is: what information can you trust? Today, a travel expert (and I prefer that term to “travel agent”) helps consumers sift and sort through the insane amount of information online to plan amazing itineraries.

In this interview, Vanessa also describes types of specialties within the travel industry, explains why the travel industry is a great fit for millennial, and gives some great advice to millennials thinking about a career in travel. Click here to read the full interview on Ploymint!