Obviously, the only answer to these questions is “The best supplier or resort for your clients is the one that perfectly fits their unique, specific needs and wants for their vacation”. So, how do you figure out their wants and needs? Through the client qualification process, of course!Before you start your research into suppliers, resorts and itineraries, you need to ask a ridiculous amount of well thought-out questions of the clients. The most obvious are:Who is traveling?Where do you want to go?What are the dates you can travel?Do you have a budget that you want me to be respectful of?But after those general questions, you need to really dig into the nitty gritty of the situation. Obviously, questions will differ with various types of clients and destinations, but some good examples are:How do you imagine a “perfect day” on this upcoming vacation?Are you pool people or beach people?Are there any “must sees” or “definitely nots” for this trip? Does anyone in your travel group have special needs that I need to be aware of?Tell me about your favorite vacation to date? And your least favorite? Why?Of course, these questions go on and on, but the more info you can uncover, the better. Then, you can post in the Facebook forums and expect much more targeted answers! For example:I have a family of 4 (2 daughters ages 8 and 13) wanting to travel to Maui next Spring Break with a moderate budget ($5000-8000 for the week including air from Kansas City). They really want a kitchen to prepare some meals and a resort-style pool with water slides. They also all really enjoy playing tennis on vacation, so access to a court would be a plus but not a deal-breaker. A great view is important, but it can be either ocean or mountain. They have stayed on Kauai before at Waipouli Beach and enjoyed it. I’d love suggestions for both condo resorts on Maui and preferred suppliers that you would recommend for this trip…thank you!See how much better that is than “What is your favorite resort in Hawaii?” And your responses will be much more on point! So certainly post for help and recommendations! But be thoughtful before posting…we all want to help you find that perfect solution but we need enough info to make it worthwhile!