Virtuoso Travel Week 2022

Wow, I think it’s safe to say the theme of this summer was centered around one word, busy. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article highlighting where in the world our GTN staff members have been. I might have to write a follow-up to that article just to keep everyone in the loop!This week, five GTN team members are in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 34th annual Virtuoso Travel Week. This event is one of the world’s most important luxury travel conferences. Over 2,000 hotels, resorts, tour operators, and more have representatives in-person networking and connecting with advisors. So let’s dive into what exactly happens at Virtuoso Travel Week and why it is such a crucial industry event to attend.

What is Virtuoso Travel Week?

Virtuoso Travel Week is an event exclusive to the Virtuoso network. During this time, advisors schedule one-on-one networking appointments with hotel representatives, resorts tour operators, and more. These appointments establish a professional relationship with the supplier while allowing advisors to learn more about what they can offer to their clients.Besides networking, the events during the week offer professional development sessions, Q&As with Virtuoso leadership, technology summits, and more. The event’s last night includes the infamous Gala dinner at the Bellagio. During the gala, winners are announced and recognized from Virtuoso's Luminaries, Legends and Leaders Awards. GTN advisor Kenia Collins is nominated in the category of Celebrating Culture. We are excited and hopeful to hear the results!

What is Virtual Virtuoso Travel Week?

During the pandemic, when gathering in person for a conference of this size was not an option, Virtuoso introduced Virtual Virtuoso Travel Week. The virtual event is very similar to the in-person event, and advisors can still schedule networking appointments and meet with suppliers across the globe on a flexible schedule.

What does hosting with a Virtuoso affiliate do for you and your client?

Belonging to a host agency that is Virtuoso affiliated (like Gifted Travel Network) elevates your opportunity for success as an advisor. Here are few reasons why choosing a Virtuoso affiliated host agency is important:Insider Knowledge- Building relationships with Virtuoso suppliers provides you access to recommendations, tips, and perks that the average person would not necessarily know about. Having access to insider knowledge is guaranteed to make you look like a rockstar to your clients! Access to Marketing and Training Modules- Staying up to date on travel trends and new marketing opportunities is a must for bringing on new clients and retaining your current clients. Virtuoso’s online training offers a wide range of programs to keep you in the know!Perks- Your clients will be treated like VIP’s! They won’t forget this trip from hotel room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, exclusive opportunities, and more!Gifted Travel Network is a proud affiliate of Virtuoso. Our luxury-focused travel advisors continue to learn, grow and collaborate to achieve one common goal, creating a successful business they love around their passion for travel. If you are ready to join us, apply now!