Qualifying your prospects and clients is such an important step in the sales process and asking the right questions can truly make your life much easier. Just as important as asking the right questions is REALLY listening to their responses and taking lots of notes. They might mention that their son little Billy is really “in to” building Legos and be totally blown away when they arrive at their hotel and have a Lego building kit waiting for them in their suite! That, my friends, is customer service! Here are some of my best suggestions for the client qualification process:1. Obviously, there are “practical” questions you need to ask like WHO is traveling, WHERE do they want to go, WHEN do they want to travel, WHAT is the purpose of the trip, HOW MUCH are they looking to spend, etc. Don’t forget all that info, but now let’s talk about the WHY…2. Try some of these proven info grabbers:~ Tell me about your favorite vacation EVER…~ Tell me about your LEAST favorite vacation…what didn’t you like?~ How do you envision a PERFECT day on this upcoming trip?~ Are there any “must sees”? Any “definitely NOTs”?~ Are you beach people or pool people?~ Does anyone in your party have special needs or diets that I need to be aware of?~ Where do you usually go out to dinner on a weekend? (give examples of restaurants)~ What is your favorite store to shop in for clothing?~ Do you prefer red wine, white wine, beer, none? What is your “go-to” drink?~How important is the culinary experience to your enjoyment on vacation?~ If kids are involved, ask them to describe what the kids are currently “in to”I’m sure you get the point and can come up with your own great questions as well. The whole purpose is to really get inside the client’s head so you are able to plan them a vacation experience that will not only meet their needs, but also blow their socks off! THAT is how you build repeat business and referrals, the easiest and cheapest forms of marketing!