Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is proud to announce incredible enhancements to its Travel Marketing and Business Academy (Travel MBA) program. With the addition of increased support and individualized coaching, the program positions its participants to rocket to success within the travel industry.

What is Gifted Travel Network’s Travel MBA Program?

The Travel MBA is a 12-month program that teaches the business start-up essentials necessary to succeed as a travel entrepreneur in today’s rapidly changing industry. The program walks agents through the steps needed to establish a business foundation, create an effective marketing plan, and hit financial goals. New program enhancements layer in more dynamic support with mentorship hours, live classes, and group coaching calls. Each participant will also receive a private “Nail Your Niche” coaching session with GTN President Meredith Hill to establish a laser-focused specialty based on the participant’s unique brilliance and interests.

Who is GTN’s Travel MBA a Good Fit for?

Agents just entering the travel industry gravitate toward the Travel MBA’s step-by-step approach to building a travel business—but veteran agents who feel like they’ve missed out on crucial business training will benefit as well.“Through coaching my clients in our sister company, the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs, it was becoming increasingly obvious to me that most new travel agent training programs were product-driven,” said Hill. “The programs lacked a lot of business operations, financial planning, and marketing training. We created the Travel MBA not just for new agents, but also for those who may have started a travel business a few years ago and haven’t been able to build momentum—and aren’t sure why.”

A Strong Mentoring Component

GTN has also bolstered the program’s mentorship component with the addition of live “virtual” classes for agents and access to a mentor through set weekly “office hours.” Currently, veteran travel agent Lisa Fletcher of Signature Escapes serves as the program mentor; she draws on her years of experience and alignment with GTN’s spirit of entrepreneurship to guide agents through the program.“I think of myself as their ‘accountability buddy,’” Fletcher said. “If a participant has a client meeting coming up and needs help with a service fee script, I can help them get comfortable with it. If someone’s feeling stressed out or guilty that they haven’t devoted an appropriate amount of time and energy to their training modules, I can help them relax and form a plan to get back on track. I’m here to answer questions, clarify things, offer advice, motivate, give a loving kick in the you-know-what, and celebrate their progress.”Through a unique mix of business-building focus and individualized support for participants, the Travel MBA program radically differentiates itself from more traditional agent training programs available today. Said GTN EVP Vanessa McGovern: “I’ve been in the travel industry education space for over ten years—I know there’s no program out there like this in the industry.”

More about Gifted Travel Network

Gifted Travel Network is a host agency founded on the belief that there is unlimited potential in the travel industry for travel professionals who understand the new market dynamic and employ cutting edge marketing principles. GTN’s Travel MBA Program helps travel professionals identify their brilliance, define their niche, and implement successful business strategies so that they can make more money selling travel. To learn more about the Travel MBA program, please visit: