You know that marketing is essential to the success of your business, but finding time to do it can be a challenge when you are working on your own. This is especially true in wave season when you are super busy with client quotes and feel like you can’t keep up with the inquiries.Being consistent with marketing is critical to the health of your business. You can’t just stop marketing completely without hurting your bottom line.But not all marketing is created equal. Just doing something isn’t the same as doing the right thing. And the most important marketing you can do? Anything that communicates WHY clients should work with you. It’s not about deals and promotions from vendors – it is about YOU. You should be educating, engaging, and entertaining your clients. Not just being a conduit to share vendor offers.To help you here are my top 5 tips for marketing in wave season:

  1. Continue with your weekly ezine. This is the single most important thing you can do to connect with clients. Period. If you don’t currently have a weekly ezine you need one! You can start it now, but if that’s too much to tackle, at least make it a priority to be done as soon as possible. And if you are already sending one out keep doing that! It is very tempting when you are in the midst of wave season to get slack with your ezine, but don’t!
  2. Add every prospect’s email address to your marketing list. Every person you work with has an email address and you should get every single email address and put it on your email list. Even if you don’t currently send out a weekly ezine, capture those emails somewhere (a spreadsheet is fine) so you can fix that as soon as possible! And doublecheck with any clients you have worked with in the past to make sure you have their most recent email address (it’s surprising how often people change – their inbox gets full so they just “move out” and start a new email account).
  3. Don’t go silent on social media. While email marketing is your business’ very best friend, social media is important too. It’s tempting to slack off when you’re so busy elsewhere but don’t do it! Make a commitment to yourself to keep a consistent presence on social media.
  4. Be selective about what vendor offers you share. So you know you need to keep up with email marketing and social media, but just recycling vendor offers is NOT the answer to your time crunch. Sure, vendors come up with incredible social media campaigns that they offer you to use, but they do far more for the supplier than they do for you. Especially because there are literally THOUSANDS of agents out there using those materials.
  5. Use what you’re working on to fuel your marketing. If you are looking for great material to focus on in your email marketing or on social media, look no further than your own desk. Talk about what you’re working on for clients! For your ezine you could pick a destination or travel type and talk about it in your marketing. Or if you are getting the same question over and over, use that. You may just inspire someone to take that trip and call you for your guidance!

Travel marketing is all about getting people excited about traveling and convincing them that you are the person who can help them get the most value for their vacation. It isn’t about the vendors you work with, it is about YOU! But to get that information out there you are going to have to carve out time to be able to create marketing pieces on a consistent basis. I recommend scheduling an hour or two in the morning and don’t answer the phone, check email or look at social media during that time. Just focus on marketing. Actually put it on your calendar and keep that appointment with yourself. Get your marketing taken care of and then move on to all that wave season work!