I attended my first Book More Travel Workshop in 2017. And from the moment I arrived in the ballroom on the first morning I could feel that this conference was different. I have attended a lot of travel industry events including CLIA’s Cruise 360, ASTA’s national conference, Signature Travel Network conferences, American Express events, Travel Impressions conferences, and many more. But the energy in this room was definitely different. There was an enthusiasm and positivity that I felt immediately.And as the two days unfolded I noticed that this conference was different in several ways.One on of the first things that struck me was that this was a great looking group of people. What I mean by that is everyone was dressed professionally and looked like they were there for a business meeting. I have been to a lot of travel industry events where there was that group of people that looked like they just took a break from working in the yard to come over to the conference. Why does that matter? It shows that the BMTW workshop participants are professionals who are there for their businesses, not a hobby.Also, while this was hands-down the most professional group of travel agents I had ever seen, it wasn’t too corporate. There were real feelings being expressed. People weren’t afraid to be vulnerable with one another. I heard people saying, “I’m really struggling with” followed by a challenge they were seeking help with. And they got help! People who see each other once each year at this event were thrilled to see one another, but they were also very welcoming to newcomers.The vendors were also impressed with the people in attendance. I’ve had lots of conversations with vendors at events and sometimes you can tell they are counting the minutes until they can pack up and leave. It is not that way at BMTW. Vendors want to get to know the participants. They know these individuals are making a difference in the travel industry and want to connect with them.Finally, while a lot of conferences share information that relates to some of the people in the audience, I think everyone could take away practical information from every single speaker. The content was a great mix of motivational and inspirational (some called it “Oprah-esque”), and practical. One of the most powerful things I saw was when Jen Cochrane went through exactly how you could increase your income. It wasn’t just general ideas, but she had real examples of how your income changes if you change specific areas of your operation. It was incredibly motivational and really illustrated how seemingly small things (like earning 16% instead of 14%; or an 80% split instead of 70%) impact the bottom line over the course year.Whether you are new to the travel industry or been doing this for a long time, the Book More Travel Workshop is an event that will benefit you. Sign up now before it sells out: www.BookMoreTravelWorkshop.com. You will walk away full of knowledge and inspired to put it to work!And if you didn’t catch this week’s episode of Travel Talk Live where Meredith Hill and Vanessa McGovern talked about the event, you can check it out here.I hope to see you in February!