Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is one of the fastest growing travel host agencies in the industry. GTN is a little different from your average travel host agency. We are dedicated to supporting your vision, offering affordable commission options, providing quality training and mentoring programs, and promoting a supportive community among our agents.

Your Vision is Our Mission

GTN is dedicated to supporting your vision as an entrepreneur so that you can run a successful travel business while selling the type of travel you’re passionate about. We recognize that the landscape of travel has changed in the digital age, but the good news is that the path to profitability is simple: experts make more money. GTN was founded to support the travel agent who wants to build their business around their specialty and establish themselves as an expert. We are here to support your vision for your travel business.

Commission Options

Gifted Travel Network offers affordable commission options for 70%, 80% and 100% commission levels. Join at the 70% commission level for a low annual fee of $249, or join at 100% and keep every penny of your commission for a reasonable monthly fee of $349. There is no minimum sales threshold required for any commission level, but we do recommend the 100% commission level for agents with over $300,000 in sales. Choose the commission level that fits your business, and keep more money in your pocket. Click here to learn more about GTN's commission options and pricing.

Travel MBA: Training + Mentoring

The Travel MBA program is a travel agent training program like no other. It is a comprehensive program that provides training on more than just how to book and sell travel. With the Travel MBA program, you will also learn how to set up and run a travel successful business as well as how to craft your message and marketing to appeal to your ideal clients. Plus, the Travel MBA program includes a travel agent mentor dedicated to helping you grow your business and additional mentoring with Meredith Hill, founder of GTN and the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs. Click here to learn more about the Travel MBA program.


When you join GTN, you become a member of our community. The GTN community is full of dedicated, business-minded travel professionals who believe in collaboration and helping one another succeed. In our community, our agents are supported as entrepreneurs in travel.Whether you are new to the industry and looking for a comprehensive travel agent training program or a seasoned professional searching for the best commission split, Gifted Travel Network can provide you with the support and tools you need. Click here to join our network and become part of our family.