Marketing can be a challenge for many businesses and travel is no exception. When you are a travel entrepreneur who is responsible for everything from booking travel to designing and implementing a marketing strategy, it can be downright overwhelming.It’s no wonder so many people opt for using vendor-driven marketing. Many vendors create beautiful marketing materials you can use to promote your agency with just a few keystrokes. You can use these templates on social media, in magazines and other print publications, and some even have TV and radio commercials.There’s just one problem with all this: It does absolutely nothing to help the traveler know why they should book with you. It’s great for the vendor and it drives a lot of business their way. Why does Sandals pay so much for those wrapped cars? It drives business direct to them. Why are vendors happy to provide you with these beautiful advertising templates? It drives business direct to them.The most important thing you have to offer clients is YOU. And only YOU can share the message of why you are beneficial to them. Why should they book with you?If you are using vendor-created content to supplement your marketing, that’s great. Much of it is very well done and you can absolutely utilize it. But don’t completely outsource your marketing.Here’s a good way to check and see if you are doing a good job of sharing your value:

  • Take a look at your website and see if there is content there about you (including your professional headshot) and how you benefit clients?
  • Browse your social media for the past couple of months – are you communicating about the value you offer? It doesn’t have to be direct, but sharing content that is helpful and informative.
  • When is the last time you sent out regular email communication to clients that educates, informs, and entertains and not just promotes a product, destination, or sale?

It’s never too late to course-correct and make these improvements. First, you need to be super clear about the value you offer clients. Because if you don’t believe you are valuable, they won’t either. Let that drive your marketing.