Right now, many of you are frustrated, tired, annoyed, and really wondering, “Why did I want to become a travel agent?”I get it. The Omicron wave of COVID infections has caused a tremendous number of cancellations, rebookings, and travel problems overall. Your inbox is probably exploding, and your phone battery keeps running down from hours spent on hold.Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to fix this problem, but I would like to offer you some self-care suggestions. You won’t be able to weather this storm well if you aren’t taking care of yourself.Here are 7 very simple ways to include some de-stressing and rejuvenating items to your day. Some of which you can even do while you’re on the phone.

  1. Take a walk- Even though there is no way to get it all done, take 5 minutes and walk around the yard. That 5 minutes will help you far more than you can believe.
  2. Focus on your breathing- Set a timer for 5 minutes and during that time, close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose while you count to 5. Hold your breath for 5 counts. Exhale for 5 counts. Repeat until the timer goes off.
  3. Stretch- Stretching can be done even when you are tethered to a phone or computer, you can roll your shoulders, stretch your back and neck.
  4. Order yourself flowers – Seriously, who deserves them more than you? Put them where you can enjoy them every minute of the day.
  5. Listen to music- Set a 5-minute timer and put on music that makes you happy. Music is proven to have a positive effect on your energy.
  6. Spend time with your fur baby- Petting animals is proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Don’t have a pet? There are a lot of cute animal videos online. Here’s one of baby goats!
  7. Grab a cup of tea or coffee- A warm drink has many soothing properties and is a great tool for self-care.

Of course, none of this will solve the problems you were dealing with before you took this break. However, when you come back you will be a bit more centered, hopefully, more focused, and able to handle what’s in front of you.