During Travel Agent Startup Week we heard from 6 agents who are building incredible businesses with the guidance of the Travel MBA mentor, Lisa Fletcher.Our first interview was with Michael & Shannon Pickens of Boots to Journeys. Michael is a veteran and has built a strong business focusing on the military community. When we were talking about specialties I warned people not to just pick a specialization from a list, but focus on what you are passionate about. That’s what Michael did and it is paying off for him!Next, we met Gayle Smith with Prescription Travel. Gayle knew she wanted to work in travel but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to specialize in. And then she realized that she has a deep network with the medical community because she is the wife of a physician. She is involved in lots of organizations related to the medical community, so specializing in serving them was a logical choice.A honeymoon is what launched our next agent into her career in travel. Amy Pearson-Jensen of Smitten Honeymoons was getting married and planning her honeymoon and was less than impressed with the agent she worked with. She didn’t feel special and didn’t think the agent as hearing what she wanted. So she launched her own business specializing in honeymoons. And she has been incredibly successful!Finally, we met Tillie & Joe James of Tillie James Travel. They are focusing on group travel including joint ventures. They have been building incredible connections with people in diverse industries from wineries to the music business. They know that the route they are taking has a longer ramp-up period, but will payoff with big rewards.All of these agents were part of our Travel MBA program – some have graduated and some are still in the program. And other one of our agents that has just been in the program for just 7 months was featured in Travel Market Report. She shares some of important first lessons in travel!What really makes all these agents special is they decided to make their dreams come true. Some of them thought about it for a long time pondering the opportunity, doing researching, weighing the pros and cons. But they ultimately took action and now they are making it happen! If you are still researching options and dreaming of a career in travel, we’d love to help you make that a reality. Join us Friday at 2 pm ET for our Facebook Live or email joinus@giftedtravelnetwork.com to set up a time to talk one-on-one. But don’t forget, Travel Agent Startup School closes enrollment tomorrow. So, if you want to take advantage of this program with a lower startup cost, do it now! We won’t re-open until this time next year.