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My ILTM North America Experience

By: Julie Ann Hargett[/caption]Woo! Hoo! I recently returned from my first meeting in two years, and I had the pleasure of attending ILTM North America. What an amazing “come back from a pandemic” meeting to attend! I personally love ILTM and the partners they bring to the table at all six of their yearly meetings. This year ILTM North America at the Rosewood Mayakoba was no exception, and the setting could not have been more perfect. So read along to find out more about this meeting and the wonderful partners and friends I had the pleasure of catching up with once again.A quick background on ILTM: Each event introduces an unrivaled selection of luxury travel brands to ILTM’s extensive network of hand-picked luxury travel advisors through bespoke appointment programs and networking sessions. Alongside the global flagship events in Cannes and Asia Pacific, ILTM has three core local events: ILTM Arabia; ILTM Latin America; and ILTM North America; as well as one specialist event, ILTM Africa. I have previously attended ILTM in Cannes. While this was a much more relaxed experience, I felt the quality of the appointments were really excellent, especially considering the continued global pandemic.I started Monday by meeting with Blake Miller, Sales Director at Commodore Perry in Austin. If you have not been, this property is so lovely and very close to downtown Austin but far enough away to feel like a private oasis. Blake and his team are great, they always make my clients feel at home, and I was happy to meet him in person. Another important mention from Monday: Juliana Marchini with Mr C Hotels.

Oh my goodness! Mr C Hotels has a new Hotel in New York, Casa Cipriani, with an Exclusive Members Club. This hotel has been on my radar and they are clandestine in the details. Very few photos are allowed, and once you are on property you cannot take photos in any of the common areas of the hotel — it’s a strict policy. It’s so VERY New York, and I am here for it! The location is really cool, sitting directly on the water in Lower Manhattan, and many rooms have direct views of the Statue of Liberty as well as the Brooklyn Bridge. I will be here in November, and I look forward to seeing it for myself. Needless to say this exclusive property somewhat overshadows Mr C Seaport; however, it’s still a great luxury option for clients who like to be away from Midtown and Times Square.I also have to note how much I loved meeting Michelle Frei with Pikaia Lodge in the Galapagos, this is a great option for clients who enjoy luxury but not into cruising. Rick Stiffler with Preferred Hotels, Lily Carr with Rosewood Baha Mar, Viceroy Hotels, Jessica Seba with Journey Mexico, Carolyn Allen with Esperanza and Chileno Bay Resorts and so many more. My clients are already eager to travel to New York, London, Paris & Cabo. Overall, attending ILTM North America was such a wonderful experience, especially after spending so much time apart from my go-to travel partners in person, and I cannot wait until the next meeting. Looking forward to 2022 and beyond with this industry.