It is a very exciting time at Gifted Travel Network! We recently made a big announcement about a MAJOR change that is happening January 6, 2019. Unfortunately, we can’t broadcast it to the public until January, but it is BIG! (OK, if you really want to know email and I will let you in on the secret.)At this point you might be thinking, “So? It’s a big secret and you won’t even tell us? How does that affect me?” Here’s your answer:To get ready for these big changes we areclosing enrollment in our Travel MBA program on November 9. Why? Because on March 1, 2019 we are going to be unveiling two incredible graduate-level programs focusing on Luxury Travel and Groups. And we want people in the Travel MBA program enrolling now to be ready to take advantage of these new programs because they build on the foundation you learn in TMBA.Why Luxury and Groups? Because these two areas where the most growth opportunities are in travel. Virtuoso recently shared a statistic that travel professionals are only successfully capturing 1% to 2% of the luxury market. That may initially sound like bad news, but it isn’t! What it really means is that this is huge untapped market. Every day there are more and more people discovering the power of travel advisors – and one of the largest groups is luxury travelers. But there are different rules for succeeding in luxury travel. And we are going to teach those.Groups is an area that a lot of agents really want to master, but struggle to do so. Many are stuck in the old-school model of “block space, promote it to try to fill it”. Simply put: that doesn’t work. But there are methods that DO work. One of our Travel MBA students followed our instruction in groups and booked a river cruise group and received a commission check of $77,000 for her efforts. That’s not sales – that’s commission paid TO HER. We can teach you the same way to succeed.And like all of our training programs these are going to be very hands-on and won’t just be a series of online videos. That’s not how we roll! Our amazing mentor, Lisa Fletcher, will be leading these courses and providing not only regular group coaching calls, but one-on-one mentorship too. We will also bring in agents who are successful in luxury and groups to share their secrets.Keep in mind you will have to be a member of Gifted Travel Network in order to participate in any of these training programs. So, if you have been thinking about getting started in the travel industry or you are already working as an agent but are open to exploring a new host, we would love to chat with you. Just email me at