ClientBase Online is actually a very powerful CRM system that can help you with your marketing as well as reporting your bookings to the back-office accounting system here at GTN. So, basically, the more info you put INTO ClientBase, the more power you will get OUT OF ClientBase. Sandy Saburn holds an Open Q&A Call most Friday afternoons at noon Eastern dedicated to answering ClientBase questions and there are how-to videos in the “General Flow of a Travel Booking” modules in your Travel MBA portal.At a minimum, your IC agreement states that you must invoice every reservation in ClientBase within 72 hours of making the initial deposit (or full payment). As a rule, you should issue a new invoice every single time you make a payment on behalf of your client with a supplier. It should be part 2 of a 2=part system – 1. Pay the supplier directly using the client’s credit card and 2. Invoice the booking in ClientBase to reflect the payment. Don’t get up out of your chair until the invoice is issued or you will forget!Why are we so adamant about having your info in ClientBase? For several reasons:

  1. If you don’t have your client’s Leisure Profile loaded into ClientBase and we receive a confirmation, quote, phone call or schedule change that effects your client’s trip, we will have no idea whose booking it is or how to get in touch with you.
  2. If you don’t generate a ClientBase invoice when you process a payment on a booking, the payment is not reflected in GTN’s back office accounting system. That means that when we run internal reports to check on either IC productivity or Supplier sales numbers for the year, those bookings don’t show up. We negotiate commission levels with suppliers based on our sales and we need our numbers to be accurate, so we can get the highest commissions for you all. Plus, you won’t get “credit” for un-invoiced sales when we run the quarterly top producer list…If you’re wondering why you were left off the “top ten” list last quarter, it may be because you un-invoiced bookings!
  3. If your booking is not invoiced in ClientBase, our accounting wizards will not be able to match the supplier’s commission payment to your booking and YOU WON’T GET PAID!!! Did you know that we currently have around $15,000 in UNCLAIMED commissions right now? Yep…$15,000 of YOUR money that is sitting unclaimed because someone didn’t invoice their bookings or bothered to follow-up.

So, hopefully that explains WHY we are always nagging your guys to invoice your bookings! It really is for your own benefit and also makes life much easier for our accounting team. If you have any questions, or need extra ClientBase training, feel free to reach out!